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Australian 2017 Top 50 Influencer Awards

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– we’ve just won award #44 in Australia’s top 50 Influencer Awards (out of 4500 entries!)!
– we are now Brand Ambassadors for Subway, Speedo and Milo !

Hi, and welcome to our family fun and travel reviews blog!

I’m Barbara – intrepid traveller to over 30 countries around the world, crazy blogger and super-proud single parent to two gorgeously adventurous little girls, Brooke, 11, and Samantha, 9.

Let's Go Mum! featured on Speedo Australia Instagram

Let’s Go Mum! featured on Speedo

I first began blogging in 2009 when I created www.SingleMum.com.au, which has since grown into the biggest single parenting website and social network in Australia!

Whilst my single parenting network still keeps me busy, I can now indulge in my family travel blogging passion with Let’s go Mum.

In 2016 the Let’s Go Mum! blog won its first award –  Top Ten finalist in the Virgin Australia & Problogger Virgin Voyager travel blogging competition.

Now into its third year and going from strength-to-strength with tens of thousands of Aussie followers, the Let’s Go Mum blog is thriving!

Together, the kids and I love to explore Australia – and the world! Both children are distance-educated, which often gives us the luxury of taking their school work with them and travelling out of standard school holidays. So any chance we get, I give in to the kids chorus of “Let’s go Mum!”, and off we go – anywhere and everywhere our time – and budget – allow, blogging it all the way!

You can count on us to let you know if our latest flight, kid attraction, product or holiday destination really was family-friendly and fun!

Join us as we boldly go wherever the family fun is…. (with hopefully, a little relaxation for Mum thrown in on the side!)

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Barbara xx

Let’s Go Mum!